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Srimathe Ramanujaya Namah: 
Srimathe Nighamantha Mahadesikaya Namah 

Swami Sri Vedanta Desikan's Yathiraja Sapthathi 
Translated to English by Sri U.Ve. V.N Vedanta Desikan 
(from Tamil Commentary by Villivalam Sri U. Ve. Narayanacharya Swamy) 


This is a slOka of 74 verses on Sri Bhagawadh Ramaujacharya. The title uses his name, meaning, king of renunciates- sannyasis. The name Yathiraja is a Yougika name (KaaraNappeyar in Tamil). This work uses the names of Yathiraja, Ramanuja, Yathipathi, Lakshmana, et al. Swami Desikan prefaces with a set of ten verses on paying homage and obeisance to the AchArya Paramparai from Sriya: Pathih Sriman
Narayanan down to Yathirajar. These are familiar to all who recite them in their daily japaanushtaanams.
1. I pay obeisance to the First and foremost AchArya, the Consort of MahAlakshmi. He is the Head of the Family, which the whole Universe constitutes. He is a singular AchAryA, who is Himself, the first reciter of Vedas, and also the author of Pancharathra Saasthra. 

2. I now pay obeisance to the Spouse of the Lord, MahAlakshmi, who is never ever separated from the Lord; who is incapable and also unaware of any punitive action / treatment whatsoever and who is the embodiment of gracious benediction, and who always exchanges plans with the Lord for the good of the Universe and beings. 

3. I pay my respects to Vishvaksenar, the Consort of Soothravathi. He is the Commander-in-chief of the Lord. At the tip of His disciplining ward (whip) the whole universe stays put in proper place and is rightly led on. 

4. We mediate on SaTaari, (NammAzhwAr) whose garland of VakuLa flowers gets its fragrance exuded into the fluent flow of poetry - a work of literature at which the Vedas, having been tired of imparting codes of life, even ineffectively, can safely rest and relax now, since AzhWar's works will suffice and do the same job more effectively! 

5. I hold as my Natha (master) the seer Nathamuni, in whose hands the essential crux of the Vedas acquired a clarity of understanding - to call it HasthAmalaka, as one would say with this Natha available for me, I can not be "anaatha" (forlorn). 

6. I obey PuNdareekaakshar (UyyakkoNdaar), who ever stands on the mental contour described by Nathamuni, our master at all times, and who is of unalloyed Saathvika Character, even like avataars of the Lord. 

7. We meditate on Raamamisrar (MaNakkaal Nambhi), who is forbearing, who is dangerous to unholy persons, who had forsaken taste for lust and anger, - who thus was the fourth Rama (i.e- unlike: (1) Parasuraama- who was not forbearing, (2) Ramabhadra -who was dangerous to PuNyajanas (euphemism for Raakshasaas), and (3) Balaraama, - who was used to drinking liquor.) 

8. We shall bathe in the holy waters of Yamuna (Alavandhaar), who has severed all connections with mean passions and attachment, who stood steadfast in safeguarding the Saadhus, and in whom the things emphasised by Krishna were present perfectly. (A second meaning: We shall bathe in the holy waters of Yamuna river, form which poisonous snake had been removed, which is close to Brindhavanam, and in which Krishna was interested.) 

9. I place myself at MahapoorNar (Periya Nambhi) whose extreme daya enslaves him to itself (daya) (he becoming an abject servant of Daya quality) who gave us the Great Ramanuja, thereby making the hope of the Prime creator realised. 

10. May Sri Ramanuja-muni, accept my humble prostration - he whose works performed the service as the woman- attendant for the Veda- lady (who has captivated the Lord and is His consort), this Veda- lady holding the Lord under her spell, in a dependent manner- so to say. 

11. I praise Yathiraja, who shines with a Yajna Upaveetham, on His chest and with the OordhavapuNram who is really the fruit of the Good deeds of all worlds, who has a thridaNda, in His hand, and finally has a tuft of hair on the Head. He is the saviour of the Vaishnavites, surrendered unto Him, guaranteeing for their salvation. 

12. The Lord's five weapons (Chakkra, Sankhu, Gadha, Khadga, and Saarngha) have unitedly taken the incarnation of Sri Ramanuja. He is therefore harsh on the enemies (say of our religion). That AchArya is sure to protect us. 

13. Balarama's brother- Krishna- has evidently appeared as Ramanuja (Rama's brother). Krishna suppressed as the variety of Gods (like Siva) about Self-greatness, elevated by own effort the fame of Yaadhavas, and eliminated wrong interpretations piled on Vedas. So also, Ramanuja, quenched the conceit of Sankara, rooted out Yaadhavaprakasa, from his original position and elevated him by his own right, (on his resorting to Ramanuja later), and removed the wrong meanings (say given to GitA and Brahma soothrAs) by hi own works. 

14. Ramanuja gave a nest, so to say, of his works as a permanent sanctuary for the birds of Old scriptures like Vedas, lest the birds will be subjected to torture caused by "learned" pandits (who interpret vedic works wrongly) 

15. Real Learned men have a large necklace of choicest gems. The Central pendent of lustre greater than that of Sun's lustre is Ramanuja. The gems represent the lineage of AchAryAs. The pendent (Ramanuja ) is central and is also dearest and nearest to the heart of the wearer. 

16. Ramanuja is a literal Mainaaka mountain, whose wings have not yet been felled! In his team and a line of disciples (as in the bamboo) the green ness persists and the principle of Hari rules high! All in the line shine pure, with Highest Character; cool and merciful; they are sure to adorn the world as pearl-necklace with great halo. (vamsa means lineage as well as bamboo; hari means the Lord and green colour as well) 

17. Ramanuja is a veritable moon. As the full moon has gained a position in the safe sky, which is the foot of the Lord. The moon, being full of digits (i.e. all 16 kalais), being perfect, being free of flaws, now owing its origin to water resources, and not subject to eclipse; so also Ramanuja has resorted to the secure Vishnu- abode, has complete mastery over all vidhyas, has a disciple in King Akalanka, has been born to a great scholar, is far removed from people given to sensuous pleasures. I pay obeisance to that Ramanuja 

18. Great men, spotless, and learned too, rightly discern the merit of resorting to a real metropolis, feet of Yathi- Chakravarthi are. While so settled, they are connoisseurs in the field, being subservient to Bhaktas; they have the mental readiness, with the right spirit, to be bought or sold, as if they were material commodity, by the Bhagawathas. 

19. Harshness of the tongue, exaggeration on expression, idle arguments, tale-carrying tendency, - these weaknesses would have dominated my talking manners - but only before I had felt the impact of "kEthaka" seed , namely, of Ramanuja's praise. The result is that I now possess perfect pronouncement that ought to be pleasing to sadhus. 

20. We adopt Ramanuja's feet as our refuge. Sadhus would treat Ramanuja's feet as ideal, placing even the Lord's feet at a second position only. These feet would secure for the surrendered ones, the three goals, (Dharma, artha, kaama,) as well as mOksha. They are potent in correcting tendencies of weaklings. 

21. Those who cherish unassailable Bhakti in respect of Ramanuja's feet, delve deep in the ocean of Vedantha Saasthra (to pick pearls of choicest concepts), they defeat, quite effortlessly, the contestants, from other systems, and also guide us in the path of Mukthi. 

22. May Ramanuja become my protecting deity, naturally, of His own accord- He- who sits under the large Vedic tree; who holds the Tridhanda staff in His hand; who drives away the heretics rebelling against the Vedic system; and who stands like a royal swan in the "maanasarovar" of the heart of the devotees (of Ramanuja) 

23. Ramanuja, who is an adept in potent manthras, and is a veritable snake-charmer - 

  • who sees to it that his devotees are not attacked by the venomous vipers which the non-believers are: 
  • who also cures us of the poison, namely of sensuous passion, that has spread through the whole body (by contemplation on the Lord on GarudA) 

24. Ramanuja sits with his right palm, gesturing, as it were, an advice and instruction. It looks as though the nails with the lustre, dispel the inner darkness (nescience) in our hearts, in a preparation to describe a wisdom - informed painting on our hearts, using the two fingers united. 

25. We perceive the instruction- Seal in his hand, resembling a blossomed Lotus, that is raised in an effort to lay deep, in the hearts of the dull-witted persons, the meaning, lying concealed in the Upanishads. 

26. Sri Ramanuja's literary works "distil" with a high degree of zeal, from the upansihads. They are also effective, even like manthra chanting, in regard to the tortures we suffer internally and externally and the works prove a sure and safe nutrition against chronic illness and deficiency people suffer in the samsaara world. 

27. May he shine victoriously- 

  • He- that Ramanuja, who by his cool and kindly impact, behaves as an unusual Agni; 
  • He- who is a novel Moon in the matter of removing our darkness (our faults); 
  • He- who is asecond Sun, so to say, in removing the three kinds of sufferings befalling us; 
  • He can thus be described as an assembly of three luminaries in one for conferring salvation on us. 

28. Ramanuja shines virtually as : 

  • the Himalaya, from which all rivers (like the Ganges) of all lores flow: 
  • the all-granting "kalpaka" tree, at the shadow of which, jeevas, tortured by repeated births and deaths, can rest; 
  • the dawning Sun that removes the night-darkness dominated by the delusive dialectics of disputants from diverse schools; 
  • the full moon arising out of the milk ocean of Vedas. 

29. May the literary master-pieces, that Ramanuja has given to the world, open up to us and make clearly understandable to us, the inner meaning and implication totally! These works are capable of serving as the staircase to mOksham stressing the essentials, praised by great sages too. They are a source of delectation, fortunately available a discerning student. They are sure to expel our sins, lock, stock and barrel. They show on deep study, deeper and deeper ideas of great enjoyability, literally unfathomable to anybody. 

30. Look at the all-round potency of Ramanuja's works. They are- 

  • like a river furnishing cool waters to a thirst-tortured traveller traversing a dry desert; 
  • like a river of milk to holy personages devoted to the study of spiritual works 
  • like the eyes of the Vedas, so precious and so helpful for interpretation 
  • like the activator to the vital nerve-chord, to enable anyone experience the Bliss of service to the Lord. 

31. What great things the works of Ramanuja achieve for us! If we study them, the nectar flowing from the Lord's Feet will be ever-increasing and will equal mOksha Bliss. We realise that the works closely tread the path of the multi-faceted Vedas. They could eliminate the nauseating odour of our sins to the last trace. They produce a prolific array of imaginative thoughts in our hearts as a "kalpaka" tree (that produces rewards asked for). What is more, the works, on reading, free us from the torture of all three types. 

32. Who is Ramanuja? The Lord has created many religious system - which are fighting against one another- almost as a mischievous sport, so to say. His first- beginningless- vyooha form, Vaasudeva. Took a latter-day avtaar as a dark-hued Krishna. During Kali yuga, in which people get drunk with hedonistic pleasures, the Lord sent Vishvaksena, who, by His Grace, took birth (as Ramanuja), the wand (the whip) in his hand, becoming the thridaNdam of Ramanuja. (When Sena pathi Vishvaksenar becomes Yathipathi Sri Ramanuja, the wand becomes ThridaNdam

33. Good minds will do well to aim at the study of these works. A "rasika" will relish and his tongue will have very good sport while taking on them. Such a fit subject to talk on and for discussion! The ear would hear them with so much love and whetting that prove virtual medicine of a unique type, that is however sweet; and they are a crystal-mirror that projects the Lord's form and nature to us in a perfect manner. The central messages in Ramanuja's works - some understood and some not- lie like Gems dispersed in a clear ocean, vast and immeasurable. 

34. The greatness of followers who have inherited the great wealth called " Ramanuja Sampradayam" - verily a wealth that can not be lost or stolen -possesses certain features. They will not care a copper pie for the prosperity of the highest order, even when it is riches more than ever expected, they would spurn such rewards as mere lichor -drops flowing from the undulating checks of mad elephants, collected here and there, in which bees can thrive. 

35. There is this large drum- figuratively speaking- of Ramanuja's reputation. The discerning pundits, living in Srirangam, (for the mere pleasure and with no other deeper motive) become intellectually excited from a study of Ramanuja's works and they dance with joy, though spontaneously again and again. But they hold this large drum, which is beaten with large sticks, which are bound-components each. The sticks would figuratively stand for the high - quality works of Ramanuja. To this drum beating, the dance is attuned. This would resoundingly herald the advent of YathirAjA, the king of Yathis! 

36. Groups of bad dialecticians of recent times, too, will be totally upheaved, their conceit evaporated, and the unfortunate souls which have been subjected to the venom-fire, spit out by the snakes of maayaavaadins are resurrected and revivified- all these are achieved by Ramanuja's works. They also serve as a (female) attendant, nurse, so to say, to attend on the very old lady, called "SRUTHI", whose dishevelled locks of hair (dishevelled by wrong and misinterpretations of SRUTHIS by other religions) are re-set by this attendant (Ramanuja and his works). What is more, the works of Ramanuja enhance the quantum of the nectar, unendingly flowing, of the Bliss achieved. 

37. Ramanuja is capable of grasping, merely with his clenched fist (to make it all Hasthaamalaka!), the essence of the most terse Vedas, which is rather difficult even for the nectar-drinking Devas. Ramanuja is equally competent in devastatingly defecting the crypto- buddhists (Advaitins), in wordy duels. He thus gladdens our hearts by functioning as the oyster-shells that embed the pearls, namely, of arrays of the Lord's qualities, by expounding that the Lord is a KalyaaNa guNa saagaram. 

38. Victory to Ramanuja- who saved the Para Brahman by giving a hand lift from being caught in the slough of Saiva religion, without getting hooked, also from the net of pure dreamy imagination that the Saankhyaas had cast, avoiding also the entanglement in the contrivance laid by the scheming Chaarvaaka and finally when Brahman was almost about to fall into the trap-mouth of Advaitins, the deceitful misguides. 

39. Ramanuja's classics came into the field and work up the conscience of the people just in time, when 

  • Kanaadha's VaisEshika with its symbolism 
  • Kapila's imaginative deception that was purely a drama and a hoax 
  • Kumaarila Bhatta's lowly language 
  • Prabhaakara's knots of words 
  • Buddha's variety in fiction and the wasteful pretensions (of the crypto-buddhists) aligning with the above held the field and churned the world, with a lot of confusion resulting therefrom. 

40. The constant querying non-believers are afflicted with a ghost of misplaced enthusiasm for arguments, which are idle and frivolous, though. They acquire a fame too! But tiny Agasthyas are there in the form of Sri vaishnava scholars, who can drink the ocean of bad reputation of these people to dryness. But scholars who have had the privilege of proximate study at the feet of Ramanuja have a mature wisdom, which is their wealth indeed. Such scholars are going to delight the world. 

41. I bear on my head, lowered, the lotus feet of the great ones, whose intellect possesses the fragrance of the wisdom of the works of Ramanuja. But at the same time, let me say, let the world see it too. I will dare place my left foot on the heads of those, who with a burning mad craze, contest Ramanuja's system, they trying to defend one or other of the other systems. 

42. Oh my mind! Choose the singular clear pathway, of Ramanuja, treading of which would give relief one from the strain of wandering way-wardly in various paths. You will secure the grace of the Lord, which will flood on you fast, to wash off your sins. 

43. The world is full of wrong thoughts laid down in misguiding books of vain dialecticians. Anyone, who has a soft corner for them, will, naturally, treat Ramanuja's works as trivial in size and value. However, we are not offended by such an assessment, since the Kousthubha gem of the Lord's Chest would appear only trivial compared to a lofty mountain-chain! What would be the weight, after all? Which one has more value? 

44. Ramanuja's works help us in resolving contradictions, whenever they occur, in the Vedic sayings of old. Those who have been influenced by the vile arguments of the logical experts given to bad sense and lost their good sense, may leave off Ramanuja's works, or else, let them study those works. What does it matter? In a city where the noise praising flavour and taste of camphor is quite high, how are traders in common salt to respond with regard to camphor? It is obvious (that they do not know or can not relish!) 

45. Among the trinity, the first Brahma bears his wife on his tongue in the faces that recite the Vedas. The whole left half of Sivan is taken by his wife. The Supreme Tatva, in His own way, became subservient to the Gopis. Then, the only ones that do not yield to the love for the feminine sex are only Ramanuja's followers! 

46. Ramanuja- who stands like a shade- providing tree, enjoyed by followers of the Vedic pathway; who is treasured as a valuable store-house of inspiration, for people who have forsaken all desires; who helps fulfilment of the aspirations of different people following his path; who functions like a dawn to the darkness of all three worlds; and who is the Chief of masters of Vedic wisdom, - is there to inculcate in us the correct knowledge regarding Prabrahman. 

47. Ramanuja's works shine as: 

  1. a reliever of the toothache developed as a result of constantly arguing with fools, 
  2. a treasure store of wisdom, 
  3. a pigeon house guard at a pole top that wards off poaching on the paddy field of religion, 
  4. a Vedic fragrance spread all around, 
  5. a cloud that showers great Bliss, 
  6. a sure gurantee against our going to yamalokam 

48. Ramanuja's works fill our hearts all the time as 

  1. bright lamps to help us see the Jeeva-swans, 
  2. trees, which will grant the fruits- which are close to, and within the reach of, persons who have longed with great appetite, for the knowledge about the One Greatest Lord of most auspicious qualities 
  3. favourable planets that would never fail to confer benefits on us. 

49. Ramanuja's words function- like the moonshine to the array of water-lilies of devotion to Mukunda's Feet, like the sunshine cruel to the owls of religious bigots, who merely relish their own system and its darkness, without an openness (that is why they shun the sun like owls) and they confer on us an unquenchable- insatiable craving for mOksham

50. Ramanuja's works exhibit a faultless arrangements of the Vedanta saasthra, distilling the quality of Bodhaayana's commentary (on Brahma soothra) and of similar ones. The works involve no contradiction. Their ideas are strong, clear and pointed in regard to emphasis. They prove efficient in striking the intellectual nerve chord. And they help blossom out the intellect of scholars. 

51. Capricious carping based on fallacious reasoning is the way for some contestants. They tend to cross question everything, pointing out an alternative possibility for every thesis, even if it is unreasonable. By such humbugs, they tend to pollute and confuse the Vedic path. The annoying noise of these wild elephants will die the moment the name of Ramanuja is announced. 

52. Wordy logic will end there and will have no room in Ramanuja's works. In them, the Rig Veda is almost translated perfectly into a different version; the Yajur Veda is fixedly stationed in them; they are the perfectly decorating ornament to Saama Veda. They are the lamp to elucidate tatvaas. They are the reflection, as it were, of Bodhayana's suporeme words. May these works of Ramanuja grant us clarity of vision! 

53. Ramanuja's works are faultless, pleasing to the heart, and capable of changing even those minds which had previously given themselves to the worship of minor deities like sivan, indran, subrahmanyan, vinayaka, surya, agni et al. They serve for atonement and single minded devotional discipline with respect to the Lord Supreme. 

54. Ramanuja's works claim a victory, since 

  1. they possess the actual meaning that appears on the surface; thus an integrity is preserved; 
  2. they act like an ocean of nectar; 
  3. they are describable as the fruit, as it were, of the penance performed by Vedas; 
  4. they wipe out the grief of Vedas, which were torn off by idle arguments indulged in by the professional contestant-controversialists of misdirected religious systems. 

May these works of Ramanuja stay victorious!

55. The Visishtadvaitam is supported by Vedas on their heads (that is the philosophy is based on an accurate meaning and interpretation of upanishads- which are the "siras" (head) of Vedas). In the various religions, some demoralised minds artificially ascribe false and assumed defects. So what? If a fellow seeks to throw handfuls of mud on the sky and repeatedly so, the net result and the only result is: the thing falls on his head! 

56. This world suffers from the darkness of ignorance. Had only Ramanuja, the lamp, (that burns with the oil of love for God), not been there, how would people- intrinsically faultless, avoid, even if they want, the darkness of conceit and the baseless arguments, indulged in by vile speakers of contesting systems, who can be likened, for their effect, to snakes. 

57. Oh, you content that the Visishtadvaita of Ramanuja is a recent one. All righjt. No problem. Let it be so. What if? Then, you perhaps point out that there must have been some religion earlier. What does that establish? 

That a thing is ancient does not confer any merit on that score of being ancient itself. Anything is modern first and thereafter becomes ancient, simply by passage of time. Rather letting a false system thrive till now is an error committed by mankind. What I wish to emphasise is that Tankar, Dramidar, Guhadevar, Bodhayanar, and others have nourished this system from early times. Only because there was no opposition then, they did not elaborate and write much. That does not mean that the system is recent or that it suffers a stigma on that score. 

58. Ramanuja's works transcend, in their value, even the Vedas. They shower the nectar in the ears of the listeners. This nectar-enjoyment, that is repeated very frequently, makes their minds blossom into high wisdom, so that the nectar of the Lord -experience is made available to them perennially. 

59. When I was roaming, like a wild elephant in a large forest, it was the feet of Ramanuja (whose feet are worshipped by Paramikaanthins) that proved to be an effective fetter on my feet to check me from going astray. 

60. The Ganga flow that carries pearls, which gets increased due to the water supply from Yamuna and others, can at times flow across high pleateus too. So also the Ganga of Ramauja's KaruNA (daya) that will produce mukthas (delivered souls) is enhanced by the additional benediction from Yamunacharya and others as well, and will remove all our sins, could pass even on a highly-conceited person like me and immerse me with its pure pristine waters. 

61. If one has the habit of enjoying the works of Ramanuja comes across other works, he will not take interest in them; Why? These (latter) works emphasise the trifles; while doing so, the words, logic and trend are all tough and they traverse arduous routes. The main theme will be presented in such a manner that the whole exercise will look like a heap of many torn pieces of cloth, knotted together here and there. One would not find anything to relish. After all, Siva bears, on the locks of his head, the pearl-filled Ganga river. But will he ever agree to receive and bear a street-gutter in which frogs flourish? 

62. Ramanuja, the Ocean of mercy, brought and presented to the Lord of Hasthigiri, Varadaraja, pure water from a well. This Varadha is a dark cloud (of mercy again) and What a blessing it is! Even today, that cloud, that Sri Varadaraja is, showers rains in time and beyond our expectations. (This was because of Ramanuja's original kaimkaryam, which is now being returned to us by the Lord, so to say, to Ramanuja's people!) 

I pay my obeisance to him, the king of ascetics, who is an enemy to the darkness of self-conceit, and who is capable of eliminating enemy-systems by mere literary works. 

63. Ramanuja's birth is another avtaar of the Lord. The Lord's white garment was got squezzed and rinsed in safforn water to give Ramanuja's garment. And he took the thridaNda as the insignia of the ascetic order. That is all. Otherwise, he is merely the Madhusoodhana Moorthy only (for having got the Vedic philosophy in visishtadviatm on track) 

To us, who have adopted his system by the alluring attraction that his qualities of head and heart exercised over us, an all-round fame of a righteous type is a regular gift, spontaneously coming to us! 

64. When Ramanuja walks along on his daily routine, (Madhookara) for receiving food, as a sanyaasi ought to, his feet leave their impression on the Mother Earth, rather deep and clear. Earth now regards herself fortunate and sanctified. I would say even Nithyasooris will cherish this and bear them on their front - head. I long to bear those feet on my head. 

65. Many wrongly- directed proponents of parallel systems have gone far away from the area and direction of the system propagated by Ramanuja. Then, they have made by their works, Vyasa, an object of ridicule; they have driven out Vaalmeeki out of their minds; they condemn Sukhar to the state of a mere parrot; they regard Bodhayanar as prattler of worthless things. That is, they have totally ignored our ancient works that ought to have as basis and authority (in order that they could embark on a completely novel system of their own!). 

66. Life is the Lord's "maayaa" under which we live and suffer. It is almost a long, very long, night of darkness that mankind had suffered. But to those people, who have drunk deep from the nectar- ocean of Ramanuja's works, which are real curative medicine, this maya-night would not signify a deep slumber of ignorance. That Ramanuja, whose birth in this world had been for banishing all inauspicious and wrong knowledge, has made my heart to go along his path, my thoughts now being meaningful. 

67. Abiding by pure Vedic rules, impressed by hundreds of Ramanuja's recorded sayings, banishing all alien connections, developing a loving taste and a dancing enthusiasm, gien vent to in a number of ways, for the gracious glance of the Lord who has a perennial proximity to Lakshmi, my mind (like a qualified damsel, so to say) ascends to the top floor of the palace, (namely, of Upanishads) and rejoices! 

68. Leave alone the pure intellect of the highest order, sprouting even at birth, seen in the case of Ramanuja's followers. Leave alone, I say, the ever-lasting and mature, magnificent and spontaneously regaling, works of Ramanuja. What I ask is: Who dares face us, with eyes open, even for a moment, in a war of literary dialectics based on sasthras, for which type of exercise, we are long eager? 

69. We have studied Vaisheshika to satisfaction. We have learnt Nyaya. We have got filled with Meemaamasam as well. We have mastered Saankhya and Yoga. However, all this being so, what have we to learn from people who have been roaring aloud in the dense forests of false paths, blinded by the night of nescience, when these systems have been totally demolished by Ramanuja (in his works, like Sri Bhashyam)? 

70. Buddha's system fell prostrate; Saankhya philosophy of Kapila hid itself somewhere; Vaisheshika got dried; Systems of Chaarvaka, Siva, et al had no place; Kumaarila Bhatta's (Meemaamskam) died down; Prabhakara's too disappeared.- All this, when Ramanuja's Siddhaantham was placed on a Trivedhi pedestal, to guide us. Then, what is the hope and where is the doubt, regarding the fate of Sankara's and the like? 

71. This humble self- Venkatesa - was crowned by great scholars who have drunk deep and delved to depths in the vast ocean, that Ramanuja's works constitute, the ocean that is majestic, whose fame has spread in all directions. I have been able to secure the pleasing accolades of Saadhus, by reason of this work (of Yathiraja Sapthathi), which has the capacity to drive away all contrary talk, even as a strong wind would drive a piece of cotton! 

72. This roar, of the Lion - among poets- (Kavi- thaarkika simham) is capable of applying effective fetters on the passions of people (which are verily giant elephants) by tying them to the foot of Yathiraja mountain. (People have now stationed themsleves where they ought to be). Let this roar, YATHIRAJA SAPTHATHI, be heard, in the fitness of things, by anyone who may like to meet us in a debate! 

73. (Phala sthuthi): This work, YATHIRAJA SAPTHATHI, would serve as respectful harathi to Upanishads, which have been scoffed at and mutilated by bad and wrong interpretations, by many. 

May it bestow, on the reader, the devotional intellect that would be so expansive as to devour even the two vibhUthis of the Lord- Leela VibhUthi and Nithya VibhUthi- that is His whole aishwaryam! 

74. Those who evince an interest in this work! YATHIRAJA SAPTHATHI, it being of a character and way of life that are apparent and directly discernible (as Hasthaamalaka, as one would say) and being praise worthy, for its words, (even at the hands of the Veda purusha) SHALL SHINE in the world, so very lustrously as to make the jealous ones (critics of Yathiraja's system) equivalent to the stars seen in the day time! 

Srimathe Ramanujaya Namah: 

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SrimatE rAmAnujAya nama:

Yathiraja Vimsathi
(by Manavala Mamunigal)
(Translation in English by Sri V. Sadagopan, New York)


Salutations to Sri Manavala Manunigal:

Ya: sthuthim yathipathiprasAdaneem
vyAjahAra YathirAja vimsatheem |
Tham prapanna jana sadhakAmbhudham
nowmi Sowmyavara Yogi pungavam ||

Meaning: "I offer my homage to MaNavALa Maamuni, who blessed us with YathirAja Vimsathi with the intention of pleasing the heart of RamAnujA . He is the one, who showered PrapannAs with the nectar of sakala saastrArthAs, just as the rays of moon fully nourish the ChaathakA birds."
Slokam 1 :

Sri MaadhavAngri Jalaja dvaya nitya sevA prema-
aavila aasaya paraankusa paadha bhaktham |
kaamAdhi dhosha haram aathma padhamAsrithAnAm
Raamanujam Yathi pathim praNamAmi MoordhnA ||

( short Meaning ) : I salute the emperor of SanyAsis , Sri RamAnujA , who had great vAtsalyam for the lotus feet of NammAzhwAr and who chased away the blemishes of those , who took refuge at his feet .

In this beautiful slokam , MM connects the AchArya paramparai from Sri Ranganatha down to KuratthAzhwAn, the dear disciple of Sri RamAnujA . The sound effects of reciting this slokam are beautiful . The poetic skills in Sanskrit of MM is abundantly clear. It is a pity that he elected to write mostly in Tamil .

Slokam 2:

SrirangarAja charaNAmbhuja rAja hamsam
Srimadh ParAnkusa padhAmbhuja brungarAjam |
Sri BhattanAtha parakAla mukhAbhja Mitram
Srivatsa chi(h)nna CharaNam(SaraNam) YathirAjameedE ||

(Meaning ) : I eulogize the emperor of SanyAsis , RamAnujA , who has chosen the lotus feet of Sri RangarAja as the seat of his permanent residence , just as a king swan would seek a beautiful lotus for its place of rest . I salute Sri RamAnujA , who is resting on the beautiful paadha kamalam of NammAzhwAr like a honey-sucking bee sitting on the fragrant lotus flower full of pollen and honey . I offer my homage to YathirAjA , who is like a Sun to the lotus-like faces of PeriyAzhwAr and Thirumangai AzhwAr, whose faces blossom forth at the sight of Sri RamAnujA . I bow before the BhashyakArar , who is the refuge for KurEsa ( or who has KurEsa as his Thiruvadi )

Slokam 3:

vaachA yathindra ! manasaa vapushA cha
yushmath paadhAravindha yugaLam bhajathAm guruNAm |
kurooadhinaatha kurukesa mukhA aadhya pumsAm
paadhAnuchintana para: sathatham bavEyam ||

( Meaning) : O Emperor of SanyAsis ! May my mind be filled always with the thoughts of the holy feet of those decorating the AchArya Peetams like KurEsa , Thirukkurhai PirAn PiLLai and others , who are forever offering homage to your lotus feet through their speech, mind and body .

Slokam 4:

nityam Yatheendhra ! divya vapu: smruthou mE
saktham manO bhavathu vaak guNa keerthanEsou |
kruthyam dAsyakaraNam thu kara dvayasya
vruthantharEsthu vimukam karaNa trayam cha ||

(meaning ) : O Emperor of Yathis ! May my mind be blessed to meditate on your beautiful body (divya MangaLa vigraham) !May my speech be engaged always in talking about your auspicious attributes ! May the two hands of mine be always engaged in serving you as your dAsA ! May my three karaNAs ( manas , Vaak and Kaayam ) be diverted from any other activities !

Slokam 5:

ashtAksharAkya ManurAja padha traya artha nishtAm
mama athra vithara adhya yathindra nAtha: |
sishtAgraganya jana sevya bhavath padhAbhjE
hrushtAsthu nithyam anubhuya mama asya buddhhi : ||

(meaning ) : O Lord of our kulam ! In this samsAric life full of afflictions , I pray to you for the boon of developing taste right now for firmness of mind to follow steadfastly the three doctrines elaborated by the mantra Raajam , Ashtaksharam . May I of limited intellect and achievement be blessed to have the uninterrupted meditation on your holy feet that has been fit for worship by mahAns like KuratthAzhwAn, EmbAr, PiLLAn and others

Slokam 6:

AlpApi mE na bhavadheeya padhAbhja Bhakti :
SabdhAthi bhoga ruchi: anvaham yethatE haa |
madh pApamEva hii nidhAnam amushya nAnyath
tath vaaraya Aarya YathirAja Dhayaika SindhO ||

( Meaning ) : O Ocean of Mercy ! O my Crown Jewel of an Achaarya ! I do not possess deep attachment to your lotus feet . I do not seem to have even a small measure of that bhakthi to your sacred feet. My desire for the worldly pleasures keeps on growing day by day . What a pity ! The fundamental reason for this phenomenon is the underlying paapams of mine. I can not think of any other causative factor for this state . Therefore , I beg you to banish my paapams with your grace .

Slokam 7:

vrthyA pasu: naravapu: thvahameedhrusOpi
sruthyAthi siddha nikhilaathma guNArayOyam |
ithyAtarENa krithinOpi mitha: pravakthum
adhyApi vanchanaparOhtra Yatheendhra varthE ||

(Meaning ) : O King of Yathis ! I am an animal edition of human existence. I have the body of a human being (nara Vapu :) ,but by deeds , I am closer to an animal (Pasu Vrutthi ) . Inspite of this , I mislead others and make them think that I am a model of one shining with aathma GuNAs celebrated by the VedAs and VedAngAs . I am completely different than the impression I give them. I am a poli Bhagavathan(pOtkan ) . What a Pity that I am in this despicable state !

Slokam 8:

dukkhAvaha : aham anisam tava dushta chEshta :
sabdhAdhi Bhoga Niratha: saraNAgAthAkya : I
Tvath paadha bhaktha iva sishta janowka madhyE
mithyA charaami YathirAja TadhOsmi Moorka : ||

(Meaning ) : O YathirAjA ! What a ruffian and vesha Dhaari (actor ) I am ! I carry the title of Prapannan and yet I am engaged in the performance of deeds not permitted by sAsthrAs . I create great sorrow for you with my conduct . I am not fit to be seen in the company of your devout sishyAs and yet I pretend that I am one of your very dear disciple and thus practise falsehood . You must take mercy on me and lift me up .

Slokam 9:

nithyam thvaham paribhavAmi guruncha mantram
tathdevathAmapi na kinchith ahO api pibhEmi !
ittham satObhya satavath bhavadheeya sankhE
dhrushta: charAmi YathirAja tadhOsmi Moorka : ||

(Meaning ) : O YathirAjA ! Daily I disgrace my AchArya , the manhtram and the DevathA associated with that mantram . I do not seem to be afraid of doing so even a little. What a pity ? I roam boldly among the group of your devout sishyAs like a great one , who reveres Acharyan, mathram and its adhishtAna devatha . I am indeed a ruffian !

Slokam 10 :

haa hantha hantha mansA kriyayA cha vaachA
yOham charaami sathatham trividhApachArAn |
sOham tavApriyakara: priyakruthvadevam
kaalam nayAmi YathirAja TadhOsmi Moorka : ||

(Meaning ) : O YathirAjA ! What a tragedy ! I committ three kinds of Apacharams through my mind , speech and body . I continue to do many things that cause you displeasure. Yet I go on acting like I am doing all that you instructed me to do . I am spending my time in this fashion .I am indeed a despicable ruffian

Slokam 11:

paapE kruthE yathi bhavanthi bhaya AnuthApa lajjA:
puna: KaraNAm asya katham katEtha |
mOhEna mE na bhavathi iha bhayathilEsa:
tasmAth puna: puna: agham YathirAja kurvE ||

(Meaning ) : O YathirAjA ! If one feels fear and repentance over commiting sins , how can that person engage in committing the sin once again . As far as I am concerned , I do not seem to experience any sense of shame or repentance over repeated commission of sins . Therefore , I keep on piling up my sins .

Slokam 12:

anthar bahis sakalavasthushu santham Eesam
antha: Puras sthithamiva aveekshamANa : |
gandharbha vasya hrudhayas sathatham bhavAmi
hantha tvadh agra gamanasya yatheendhra ! naarha : ||

(Meaning ) : O YathirAjA ! I am not fit to stand before you . I am like a man blind from birth who can not recognize anobject in front of jhim . Similarly , I am unable to see the Lord , who pervades the inside (antharyAmi ) and outside every object of His creation . I am always under the influence of my desires ( KAma Paravasan ) . What a tragedy ! I do not have the qualifications to stand before you.

Slokam 13 :

taapathrayee janitha dukkhanipAthinOpi
dehasthithou mama ruchisthu na tannivrutthou |
yethasya kaaraNamahO mama paapameva naatha !
tvameva hara tath YathirAja seegram ||

(meaning ) : O King among SanyAsis ! Even if my body is afflicted by the sorrows caused by the three kinds of TaapAs , and I can not bear the sufferings caused by them , I have no deep desire to leave this body. Actually , I nourish this body . My accumulated sins are the reasons behind this attitude of mine. What a pity ! O my ParamAchAryA ! Please banish my sins quickly so I can be freed from the sufferings caused by the Taapa ThrayAs

Slokam 14:

vaachaam agochara mahAguNa Desika agrya
koorAdhinaatha kathitha akhila naichya paathram |
Yesha: aham yeva na punar jagadhi yeedhrusas
tath RaamAnujArya ! karuNaiva thu madhgathistEh ||

(Meaning ) : O Arya RaamAnujA ! I am indeed the one , who fits in this world the complete description of the person with all the condemnable attributes ! There is no one else , who can answer to that description . That is why , I conclude that your compassion is most suited for me and to lift me up from my morass .

Slokam 15:

Suddha Aathma Yaamuna Gurootthama kooranAtha
bhattaakhya Desika vara uktha samastha naichyam |
adhya asthi asankuchitham yeva mayee iha lOkhE
tasmath Yatheendhra ! karunaivathu madhgathis tEh ||

(meaning ) : O YathirAjA ! All of the sentiments of self-condemnation recorded by the grat and pure AcharyAs like AaLavandhAr , KurEsA , Parasara Bhattar are possessed by me in its entirety . Therefore , O YathirAja! Your mercy has me as the most appropriate target .

Slokam 16:

sabdhAdhi bhOga vishayA ruchi : asmadheeyA
nashtA bhavathi iha bhavadh dayayA yatheendhra |
tvadh daasadaasa daasa gaNanaa sarama avathou
tatthdAsadhaika rasatha mama aviratha asthu ||

(Meaning ) : O YathirAjA ! May Thou bless me to be rid of desires to enjoy the transient pleasures associated with the use of my limbs ! May Your DayA banish my taste for such pleasures that only cause misery later ! May You make me an enduring servant of the servant of the servant of your servant and reach the saramA state. I have nothing to offer at your altar. It is only your nirhethuka karuNA that I am looking for as my saviour.

Slokam 17:

Sruthyagra Vedhya nija divya GuNasvarupa:
prathyakshataam upagatha: iha RangarAja : |
Vasya: sadhA bhavathi tEh YathirAja tasmAth
saktha: svakeeya jana paapa vimochanE tvam ||

(meaning ) : O YathirAjA ! Sri RanganAthA is presenting Himself at Srirangam for all to enjoy Him . He has the auspicious attributes (KalyANa GuNAs ) that can only be understood through the declarations of the VedAs . That RanganthA of matchless power and glory is under your control . Therefore , O Acharya Saarvabhouma ! You are indeed capable of removing my miseries .

Slokam 18:

kalathrayEpi karaNathraya nirmithathi
paapagriyasya saraNam Bhagavadh Kshamaiva |
sa acha tvayaiva KamalAramaNE arthithA Yath
Kshemassa yeva hi Yatheendhra ! bhavathsrithAnAm ||

(Meaning ) : O RaamAnujA ! For the one , who has committed limitless sins through mind , body and speech , the Lord of Srirangam is the sole refuge in the past , present and future. Our protection is indeed that prayer of yours to the Sri RanganAthA on a panguni Uttaram day through your SaraNAgathi. That is our invaluable and only protection .

Slokam 19 :

Sriman Yatheendhara ! Tava divya padhaabhja sEvaam
Srisailanaatha karuNA pariNAma dhatthaam |
thAm anvaham mama vivathaya naatha ! tasyA :
kaamam viruddham akhilam cha nivarthaya tvam ||

(Meaning ) : O My Lord RamAnujA ! Please increase my blessings to have the darsanam of your lotus feet daily . That blessing was conferred first on me by my own Acharya , Thirmali AazhwAr , out of the great compassion that he had for me . Please banish any other desire that stands in the way of the darsana bhaagyam of your lotus feet .

The reference here is to the request of MaamunigaL's own Achaarya , Thiruvaaimozhi PiLLai ( Srisaila Naathar ) asking his disciple to compose a sthothram on Sri RaamAnujA .

Slokam 20:

vij~apanam yathithadhya thu maamakeenam
ankikurushva YathirAja DayAmbhurAsE |
Aj~na : ayam aathmaguNalesa vivarjithasccha
tasmaath ananyasaraNO bhavathi ithi mathvaa ||

(meaning ) : O YathirAjA ! O Ocean of Mercy ! Please recognize me as an ignoramus , who does not know much about Tattva, Hitha , PurushArthams and as a helpless one without any redeeming qualities (Aathma GuNAs ) .Please accept my prayerful request for your grace and protection and bless me .

AchAryan ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam

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SrimatE rAmAnujAya nama:

Ramanuja Nootrandhadhi
(Thiruvarangathu AmudhanAr)

1. SarvEshwaran is the One who has Periya PiraaTTi MahAlakshmi, (seated on Lotus Flower) permanently residing in His Chest. NammAzhwAr blessed us with the Divine Thiruvaaymozhi which is an excellent description of most auspicious kalyANA guNAs of SarvEshwaran Sriya: Pathi Sriman Narayanan. Sri Ramanuja took refuge and immersed himself at the Lotus feet of Sri SadagOpar- NammAzhwAr. The great scholars who have studied and mastered various saashthrAs, have realised the greatness of Sri Ramanuja (and his philosophy/doctrine) and have surrendered to His feet as the only means for them. Oh mind! In order to enables ourselves and let us also be saved by taking refuge at the Lotus Feet of Sri Ramanujacharya, come and let us utter the divine names of Sri Ramanujacharya!

2. My mind never thinks of anything and anyone except the greatest kalyANa guNAs of Sri Ramanujar- Emperumaanaar- who never separates himself from the Lotus feet of ThirumangaiAzhwAr of ThirukkuRaiyaloor (who mercifully blessed us with the most divine Prabhandhams), brushing aside and simply ignoring "others" who, though blessed with being born of this birth and being exposed to Veda saashthrAs (and their greatest esoteric description of Emperumaan Sriya:Pathih and His KalyANa guNAs), do not take refuge at the Lotus Feet of Emperumaan, nor do they mediate even once on the Lotus Feet of the Most Beautiful Lord of Thiruvarangam. I, frankly do not know how I got this thinking! It is my Bhagyam! (and ours too!).

3. Oh my great mind! I pay my respects to you. You are so great to have removed me from any connection with those lowly, cruel, persons who are full of "I" and "mine" (ahamkara, mamakarams). You have made me join the Lotus Feet of the Bhagawathas, due to our love and affection towards the Vishyam of Emperumaanaar Sri Ramanujacharya, who is full of most auspicious kalyANA gunAs, most virtuous, straightforward and is pure. What a great service your have done to me, dear!

4. Emperumaanaar, made even me, the lowly, unworthy one, as an object of worthiness on this earth. How? He plucked the roots of all my karmic diseases, that have grown huge and tremendous over the ages due to my a~jnAnam (wrong knowledge or no knowledge); Also, he ordered me utter and praise loudly the greatest kalyANa guNAs of the Primordial Chief (even during the Cosmic cycle end). Such Greatest Emperumaanaar Sri Ramanujacharya places his Lotus Feet on my head permanently. Hence, there is no end for me anymore.

5. If some people (who are not blessed with the mind to appreciate the greatness of Ramanuja) talk low of these verses which declare that Ramanuja is the invaluable wealth for me (and Srivaishnavas), even that adds to his greatness only. Those who know of Ramanuja and his kalyANa guNAs will not see any flaw or find anything wrong with these verses; and also, will they realise that it is due to my bhakti /devotion towards Ramanujacharya that has enabled me to compose this.

6. Those who are good at composing verses with deep meanings and rhyming words, due to their immense bhakti towards Ramanuja, sing lovely poems on Ramanuja. I, the lowly self, sinner, devoid of any bhakti, am attempting foolishly to do this work of singing about the limitless, unbounded greatness of Ramanujacharya. (How will I succeed?)

7. KooratthAzhwAr (Sri Ramanujacharya's prime disciple) has got the indescribable greatness in him; He has got rid of and is able to cross over the three great pitfalls that pushes one down with its strong influence and do great damage to the individual (they are: False pride for being born in the highest caste; for being blessed with the good education and jnAnam; for being a strict follower of VairAgyam and anushtaanam - AzhwAn has no pride even though he fulfils and has all three above attributes! What a personality!) I, after taking refuge at his feet, am able to compose on the greatness of Emperumaanaar Sri Ramanujacharya, (who enables his disciples get over their karmic bondage and samsaaric afflictions), and am able to go away from the track of being away from the Greatest Bliss. Hence, there is no grievance or regret for me.

8. Without realising the eternal belongingness / association of the soul (athmA) to Emperumaan Sriya:Pathi Sriman Narayanan, human beings worry unnecessarily about the external material objects lying in the outside world. To remove such a worry from humans, what PoigaiAzhwAr did was to sing the great Tamil pAsurams describing the basic Vedic housed in simple Tamil words, "Vaiyam thagaLiyaa" (such that we all can understand) so nicely. Sri Ramanujacharya, who thinks of such great work of PoigaiAzhwAr (which is like a lustrous lamp) always in his mind, is always my Master- my Lord.

9. The darkness that prevails in our minds and prevents us from realsing the vison of our Sarva sEshi -our eternal Master Sriya pathi Sriman Narayanan, can be overcome by (reading) the great merciful work "jnAnac chudar viLakkERRinEn" of BhUthatthAzhwAr, who lit the Purest ParipoorNa ParajnAna deepam in his works. Sri Ramanuja always enjoy keeping this Great AzhwAr's Lotus feet in heart. Great scholars and Bhagawathas who always praise the most auspicious kalyANa guNAs of such Greatest Emperumaanaar Sri Ramanujacharya, are capable of establishing the Vedic truths and protect the same and not let them get destroyed by other religions (with their wrong / misinterpretations)

10. After the removal of darkness from human beings due to the first two AzhwArs' grace, pEyAzhwAr described the beauty of PiraaTTi samEtha Sriya: Pathih Sriman Narayanan as "ThirukkaNdEN; pon mEni kaNdEn". Sri Ramanujacharya always praises the Lotus Feet of PeyAzhwAr. Those blessed ones- BhAgyasaalis- who place the Feet of Bhagawathas (adorning themselves with their bhatki towards Sri Ramanuja) on their heads like the most fragrant flowers, are ALWAYS GREAT.

11. The Greatest ThiruppANAzhwAr sang the lovely pAsurams in sweet, simple Tamil language, with the complete essence of all four Vedic truths, housing the Nature and most auspicious (KalyANA guNAs) attributes of SarvEshwaran Sriya: Pathi Sriman Narayanan as They are. Sri Ramanujacharya adorned His Head with the beautful Lotus Feet of this AzhwAr. I can not choose to describe in words the greatness of Bhagawathas (who have held on to the Lotus feet of Sri Ramanujacharya in this world surrounded by oceans (of sishyas of Ramanuja?)) on their strictest adherence to saasthrAs and their anushtaanam.

12. Emperumaanaar Sri Ramanujacharya has got the heart always housing the Lotus feet of Thirumazhisai vandha jOthi- ThirumazhisaiAzhwAr- Bhaktisaarar. Everyone holds the pristine pure Lotus Feet of this Greatest Emperumaanaar. Always they think and meditate on these Lotus Feet, as the means and are blessed with this great wealth. I am in love with, always indebted and am a servant to such Great jn~Anis / Bhagawathas and none else.

13. ThoNdaradippodi AzhwAr, is the One who made most fragrant ThuLasi garlands lovingly with tremendous bhakti for Sriya: Pathi Sri RanganAyikA samEtha Sri RanganAthan of Srirangam; who also composed the sweetest anubhavam filled bhakti laden great garland of Thirumaalai on Lord Sri RanganAthan, the Lord ever associated with the most auspicious KalyANa guNAs; who is the epitome and personification of Bhagawtha sEshathvam; who excelled himself calling himself as the dust at the feet of Bhagawthas (devotees) of Sriman Narayanan. The Lotus feet of Emperumaanaar- Sri Ramanuja (who does not desire for any thing else except the Feet of this Great ThoNdaradippodi AzhwAr) are the ONLY Greatest thing that I need to hold on to.

14. Emperumaanaar Sri Ramanujacharya always praises the feet of those who desirously and lovingly sing the pAsurams of KulasEkharAzhwAr, that are laid out in sweet, simple Tamil words, bringing out the meanings of saasthrAs like the nine gems. He, the One who is unparalleled and peerless, especially with regard to his respect for Bhagawathas, will never ever leave me. Hence, I am able to get rid of my sins, aspiring for the Purushaartham, with his grace and thereby avoiding the torturous penance that need to be prformed staying on the mountains, or in the midst of the sea, or in the dense forests.

15. Due to his never fading, never ending flood of bhatki for Emperumaan Sriman Narayanan, with the apprehension that even He will be subjected to the evil eyes of people casting on Him, PeriyAzhwAr sang hymns to greet the Lord for many many years, singing pallANdu, pallANdu. This Lord is always permanent. Sarvarakshakan and still AzhwAr sang and greeted long life for Him, forgetting himself due to his bhakti. Emperumaanaar Sri Ramanujacharya always keeps this great AzhwAr in his heart and I shall not join those who do not take refuge at the Feet of Ramanujacharya and who do not hold on to his kalyANA guNAs as their only support. After being blessed with such a thought, what am I to grieve for?

16. The One who had the greatness of having placed the fragrant garland of flowers on her head and thereby made them more fragrant and more divine for Sriman Narayanan, was Sri AndAL. The recipient of Her natural dayA and compassion was Sri Ramanuja, whose breath and life was only the thoughts of Sri AndAL. And Her grace. What this Ramanuja muni- King among Saints-did was: He took avataar, when the blemishless, faultless, Vedas were wrongly interpreted and misinterpreted and were completely destroyed by "other" religious sects and darkness engulfed the whole world with kalipurushan reigning the whole earth; He established the Vedic truths unambiguously and accurately, not contradicting with any other sruthis/ Vedic statements with his philosophy and protected the Vedas, the world (form the darkness) and thereby mankind. (So, you too shall take refuge at His Lotus Feet like me; for He has saved you too from the darkness!)

17. Emperumaan- PattharAvi PerumAL- the Lord of ThirukkaNNamangai- the Lord being praised by the Vedas- the unparalleled, huge male elephant like Emperumaan- in the standing posture was sung by Neelan - ThirumangaiAzhwAr so beautifully to the great satisfaction quenching the thirst of Bhagawathas fully with his pAsurams in Tamil. The loving darling of such Greatest Thiruma~ngaiAzhwAr is Sri Ramanujacharya., who is my Master. The graetness of all Bhagawathas who reach Sri Ramanuja as the only refuge is: Whatever sorrows/ unhappy events strike, they never get depressed and worry about them thinking "oh no! I have this problem, etc.."; nor do they jump with joy when there is a flood of happy events in their lives. They are such paramaikaanthins. (Thus, if you have taken refuge at the Lotus Feet of Sri Ramanuja, you too need not feel unduly perturbed by the happy/unhappy events happening in your life!)

18. NammAzhwAr blessed the world with His Divine pAsurams that are the essence of not-easy-to-understand Vedas, in sweet, simple Tamil words easily understandable by everyone. For other religious people (saTars- aj~nAnis), he stood opposite to them, and was called SaTagOpar, thus. Sri MadhurakaviAzhwAr was blessed to have Sri SaTagOpar always fully in his mind as his AchAryan. Sri Ramanujacharya- Emperumaanaar, who gracefully blesses and narrates to all his sishyas always about the greatness of MadhurakaviAzhwAr, is my only support and refuge.

19. Emperumaanaar- Sri Ramanujacharya-stood like a rock declaring the truth about NammAzhwAr's Thiruvaaymozhi saying "Thiruvaaymozhi is the limitless, unbounded wealth; always caring, loving Father; Mother who always thinks of our well being and good; AchAryan (teacher) who mercifully and most compassionately corrects us for our benefits and betterment and SarvEshwaran Sriman Narayanan Himself, whom we desire to serve for, due to AchAryan's upadEsam and grace. Such is the greatness of Thiruvaaymozhi, Tamizh vEdam, of NammAzhwAr, which he sang due to the grace of Sriman Narayanan. Such Emperumaanaar, who declared this greatest truth about Thiruvaaymozhi, is the sweetest insatiable nectar to me and always gives happiness to me limitlessly.

20. Sweetest lovely cool Thiruvaaymzohi came out of the Divine beautiful mouth of NammAzhwAr. Sri Nathamuni considers himself belonging to all those who sing the pAsurams of Thiruvaaymozhi lovingly and devotedly; he immerses himself in the qualities of Bhagawathas who recite Thiruvaaymozhi. Similar to a very thirsty person dashing into a pond and hurriedly, continues to drink incessantly, Sri Ramanujacharya placed Nathamuni in his heart, drank him lovingly and enjoyed greatly. Such great Sri Ramanuja is my indestructible limitless huge wealth.

21. Pristinely pure anushTaanaseelar- (one who strictly adheres to saashthras and anushtanams), the Chief of saints of Srivaishnavas is Sri Yamunacharyar- Sri Alavandhaar. Emperumaanaar- Sri Ramanujacharya, who is blessed to be Lotus Feet of Yamunacharyar, saved me. Hence, I shall never ever praise the lowly human beings who are full of ahamkara, mamakarams (I and mine), saying "you are like the rainy cloud to shower us with wealth", etc...

22. KaarthigEyan- SubrahmaNyan, Gajamukhan- Vinayakan, Sivan, DurgaDevi were all chased away, showing their backs, when they came to support VaaNaasuran, during his battle with Emperumaan Sriman Narayanan. They all praised the greatness of Lord Sriman Narayanan saying "Oh the Cause of all three worlds!" ( "kaaraNa bhUthanE!"), and hence, Lord pardoned the asuran (and left him alive after cutting his shoulders). Emperumaanaar- Sri Ramanujacharya, who praises such greatest Lord always, is our invaluable saved wealth for our protection.

23. "Apath rakshakan" - That's how Sri Ramanuja is considered as, by the Bhagawathas and are kept very safely with all precautions in the core of their hearts at all times during day and night, as a treasure lovingly. About such Sri Ramanuja, I, the lowly self, the one who is addressed as "the worst sinner, the likes of whom can not be found in anyone else", have attempted to praise at all times days and nights, with a pretension of sincerity (though not in the mind!) (I have an apprehension that) will it do any harm to His greatest glories? (What a humility!)

24. For ages, time immemorial, for so many births, I had been suffering from samsaaric afflictions and karmic diseases, grieving terribly with sorrows and pains right from the foetus stage unto the death bed (in every birth), with tremendous karma bhandhams, that engulf the AthmA like flies sitting on the honey ; that never satisfy or get saturated in spite of (bad) experiences; that never ever get purified even when washed umpteen times. Having seen and realised the great dayA and grace of Emperumaanar, AudhAryam of Sri Ramanujacharya, (who had simply inert the other religions that were talking against Vedic truths with false notions, like that of a lamp killing the small insects) on me, I have become pure and been saved.

25. Oh most merciful Sri Ramanuja! The One who does not the see the level or status of recipient of your mercy and showers it on him like the rainy clouds raining on all areas! The Ocean of compassion! I, the storehouse of all kinds of sorrows, too was considered as an object of worthiness by You and was saved by DevarIr. Hence, thoughts of your kalyANA guNAs bring a great blissful Anandham for the soul. In this vast world, surrounded by oceans, who is capable of knowing your auspicious qualities as they are fully! (None; the qualities are so great and unbounded, unlimited!)

26. Sri Ramanujacharya, after removing all my "anaadhikaala" karmic diseases, shines so gleefully, and spans His lustre everywhere like the shining bright clouds. And the Bhagawathas who take refuge at the Lotsu Feet of such greatest Sri Ramanujacharya, irrespective of their caste, their jn~Anam, their birth, their nature, etc.. etc., the very thought that they have realised the greatness of YathirAjar and have taken refuge at His Feet, that nature alone of theirs makes me serve them for ever. (Great souls as a sign of modesty claims that they are lowly selves, seelamilla siRoyOn, siRiya jn~Anatthan, etc.., though they are not at all so.)

27. EmperumaanaarE! Sri RamanujA! You keep granting all that one asks for and continue to grant to the fullest extent; thus, your audhaaryam keeps on increasing multifold. Due to your such great nature, you have even chosen to reside in this sinner- paaviyEn's heart. My heart is pained to see that such Glorious DevarIr (you) are residing in such lowly heart of adiyEn in spite of the disqualification that adiyEn possesses. My heart has an apprehension and is afraid that Your GLORY and GREATNESS will be corrupted by Your staying in adiyEn's heart and chooses to stay aloof. (what a description by amudhanaar!)

28. SarvEshwaran Sriya: Pathi Sriman Narayanan who fought with the cruel kamsan, is precisely opposite to the nature of Kamsan in all respects. He is Nimalan- blemishless- faultless. He is in love with the soft-natured (like that of cotton) Nappinaai PiraaTTi. Those who do not hold on to the Lotus Feet of Sriman Narayanan can no even go a step towards Sri Ramanujacharya. Thus, my mouth will keep praising Sri Ramanuja only and none else. How have I been blessed with such a great life! (It is His Grace!)

29. Emperumaanaar- Sri Ramanujacharya kept in the core of his heart, with great bhakti, the pAsurams of Thiruvaaymozhi, that are considered equal to Vedas, that are considered the essence of Vedas, that are the graceful aruLiccheyalgaL of NammAzhwAr of Thirukkurugoor, that are composed in sweet simple Tamil language. When will I (the lowly self) get His grace for being granted the permanent BhAgyam of being associated with the Bhagawathas and the recipient of the kataaksham from Bhagawthas who have realised and known the Greatness and qualities of such Sri Ramanuja?

30. Sri Ramanujacharya, declared assertively and firmly (based on Vedic truths) in Sri Bhashyam that SarvEshwaran is the most wonderful - most Beautiful Lord- Accharya BhUthan- who is Sarva sEshi (for all souls), who is full of samastha KalyANa guNAs (most auspicious attributes), who has the whole universe and the beings as part of His ThirumEni (Divine Body) who is always associated with Sri. He did not declare this expecting fame or monetary gain from the same. He declared only and purely for the sake and benefit of the worldly souls (like us). Because of His such greatest compassion and grace, He has enslaved me. And now, because of being blessed with the servitude to Emperumaanaar, what if I am granted the mOksham (Bhagawadh anubhavam), or Kaivaylam (AthmAnubhavam) or even if I am engulfed by the scorching flames of hell and suffering thereby? I care two hoots now for them.

31. Oh my mind! (who is always with me bonded in this material world!) We have been suffering for ages in the bodies of Devas, humans, plants (or trees), animals, et al. Today, even with no effort from us, our of Sri Ramanuja's grace, do you know what are we blessed with: We are blessed to stand at the Lotus Feet of Sri Ramanujacharya, who is the darling child of most beautiful strong shouldered, most auspicious -KalyANa guNagaNouga mahaarNavan- Sri Atthigiri PEraruLALan- Sri PerundEvi PiraaTTi samEtha Sri Varadan. Our Master- SarvasEshi.

32. Emperumaanaar- Sri Ramanujacharya, is the One who protected the earth by saving the Vedas and the people due to his AudhAryam, who established the SaraNagathy tatvam, who offered Himself so mercifully to us completely (for us to take refuge at His Lotus Feet). Those who do take refuge at His Lotus Feet are blessed with (naturally coming to them, even though they do not expect or anticipate- they are parmaikaanthins): Commands good respect from others, Balanced mental frame to view both happiness and sorrows equally, Fame and popularity among the people due to their conquering the influence of cruel, storing senses, Great jn~Anam (knowledge) of Tatva, Hitha, Purushaartham, and the Bhakti (towarsd Sriya:Pathih Sriman Narayanan) arising out of all the same.

33. The Divine ChakrAyudham, the Sword, the Mace, The Bow, The Divine Conch, are all the five most Divine Pancha Ayudhams (weapons) of SriyaPathih Sriman Narayanan - SarvEshwaran, who is always with Periya PiraaTTi Sri MahAlakshmi, seated on the Lotus Flower in His Chest, who is the Darling Master of Sri MahAlakshmi, together rushed to assist Sri Ramanujacharya on His endeavours in the Earth. (It is also told that Sri Ramanuja is also an expansion of these Ayudhams, in addition to being an avtaar of AdhsEshan)

34. It is not comprehensible and measurable mentally the severity and intensity with which Kalipurushan torments the earth and its people. Just like a light lit in the darkness, Emperumaanaar- Sri Ramanujacharya appeared to dispel the darkness of Kali. This alone does not speak great about Sri Ramanuja. (What is this?) His complete burning the Huge Book which Yama has written taking the account of all my sins, is what makes Him tick in His Greatness. (WoW! adadaaa...! What a narration!)

35. I shall never ever seek any other (demi)God. I shall never sing or praise others like what other poets sing the lowly human beings as "Oh Merciful clouds! Oh Storm! etc.. etc..". I shall NEVER ever forget the Lotus Feet of Sri Ramanujacharya, that are pristinely pure, that are Parama bhOogyam for those who take refuge at them , and that belong to the Greatest Sri Ramanujacharya, who simply melts with love and bhakti when he simply utters the Divine Name of Sweet Sri RanganAthan. Thus, How will the karmic diseases trouble me hereafter?

36. KaNNapiraan- the SarvEshwaran- the Sarva sEshi- the One who has the Most strongest ChakrAyudham that can destroy the enemies completely, that day, explained to Arjunan (who was completely confused at to what and what not is to be done?) the rich, deep, esoteric down to earth practical philosophy, in His GitOpadEsam. He established the Vedic truths (that are hidden like the most valuable gems at the bottom of deep ocean) in simple verses in GitA and explained to Arjunan (as a vyAjam) for the benefit of the world. Emperumaanaar, Sri Ramanujacharya, later, in order to alleviate the sufferings of the world, established the same truths in an easy-to-consume fashion for the benefit of the world. His such merciful compassion /nature, He has offered Himself to me to take refuge at His Lotus feet. It is His Greatness and nature.

37. Emperumaanaar Sri Ramanujacharya always immerses himself in the Great famous epic Ramayana and keeps it with great devotion in his heart. The Bhagawathas who praise the KalyANA guNAs of such Greatest Sri Ramanujacharya, are the ones who have realised that the AthmA of theirs is only to serve and be enslaved by Sri Ramanuja. Thus, they have also given me a re-orientation and showed me Seshathvam of Emperumaanaar. I did not hold on to his Lotus Feet, on my own. It is because they have shown me the greatness of Emperumaanaar, I could get a glimpse of YathirAja's greatness. (Please read venkatesh Ilayavalli's post on April 1st 1999 in bhakti list on the story of amudhanaar).

38. I, the lowly self, who has been under the wrong impression and knowledge for ages that AthmA is the Lord, have been enslaved by Sri Ramanuja and enabled me serve his Bhagawathas. Having done so on me, mercifully and gracefully, now, my query is: why at all I was left groping in the dark so long for ages, and so many births? When I can see the depth of compassion of DevarIr on adiyEn, I am not able to comprehend this inexplicable query. Please tell me.

39. Oh mind! We have been suffering asking and seeking for materials, land, progeny, wife, et al, and are constantly under the pangs of pains. Emperumaanaar- Sri Ramanujacharya, blessed us mercifully with the right jn~Anam to know of his limitless kalyANa guNAs only, and removed all our karmic diseases and sufferings. Who else can protect and save us like what YathirAjar did? Can we equate him to anyone else at all? (Absolutely not.)

40. Emperumaanaar- Sri Ramanujacharya- whose qualities are only equal to the Lord Vamanan, preached the world with great truthful, Vedic philosophy without their even asking for it. He is so merciful. Moksham, Dharmam, artham, and kaamam, are the four goals of life; so they say. But Yathiraajaa, a celibate like Vaamanan, says Kaamam (Desire) for union with KaNNan is the only worthy goal; The other three are just to support this divine passion. Dharmam removes the sins that stand as a hurdle for this kaamam. Artham is used for giving alms and thus aids for going towards the goal. MOksham also aggravates the longing (Kaamam) for KaNNan. Thus, Kaamam (for KaNNan) is the Best. (What an enjoyment of YathirAjar's greatness by Amudhanaar!)

41. The world could not realise the greatness and SarvasEsjthvam of Emperumaan Sriya: Pathi Sriman Narayanan, in spite of His taking so many avtaars and showing Himself Prathyaksham to the world. But Emperumaanr, Sri Ramanujacharya, who considered the sufferings and sorrows of all those who hold onto His Lotus Feet, as His own, and blessed the world with the great Sri Bhasjyam and other works. Now the world is richly blessed with the correct knowledge (jn~Anam) and become the servants (sEshans) of Sriman Narayanan.

42. I was completely residing in the beautiful bosom of young women (who hide their faults of their bodies with the fragrant flowers, colourful clothing, smearing sandal paste, adorning ornaments, etc, ) without an awareness of any other pleasure; I was deeply caught in the muddy waters of lust and was about to be finished. There appeared the Parama dhaarmeegar- Sri Ramanuja and He blessed me with His grace, mercifully declaring that Sriya: Pathi Sri RanaganAthan ,the Lord of Srirangam alone is the Master of all souls, without expecting even an iota of any benefit or prathi upakaaram (paying him back) from adiyEn. What a mercy! That's His natural compassion on us. Such a Parama kaaruNikO AchArya saarvabhoumar is YathirAjar.

43. Oh People! Bhagyasaalis, (Lucky ones) who are blessed with the avataar of Emperumaanaar Sri Ramanujacharya! I, (who has surely realised this) am telling this to you who has not yet realised this: Emperumaanaar chased away the strong Kali purushan's influence on the world destroying all dharmam and virtues. (Kaliyum kedum; KaNdu koNmin says NammAzhwAr). By the simple utterance of the divine name of this AchArya, bhakti and jnAnam will automatically grow; Just by a mere telling of his name, will intensify the sweetness in your mouth leaving an excellent taste in your mouth. Also, all irremovable sins and sorrows of samsaaric afflictions will run away showing their backs to us, in addition to all these anubhavams.

44. In this vast world, one wishes to know what is the ultimate Purushaartham. Sri Ramanujacharya studies the art, music, the drama in Tamil, the four Vedas and all limitless innumerable Dharmas and analysed them individually as well as in toto. He stands like a shining light, establishing the Greatest truths reflecting the sruthis and Vedic truths in clear categorical terms, and is praised for His KalyANA guNAs by Great scholars with love and devotion. This world (and its people), oh no! are not listening and paying attention to my words. (Are they not sensible?)

45. There is no other enjoyment for me except for Your Lotus Feet. And obtaining this enjoyment too is also by means of taking refuge at Your Lotus feet. You have blessed this knowledge or realisation in those Bhagawathas who have this truthful jn~Anam and also to adiyEn who has no such realisation nor any jnAnam/qualification. Your mercy and dayA on me is without expecting anything in return from adiyEn. aiyO! If I attempt to describe this greatness of your such Greatest compassionate nature, then, words do not come to my rescue. It is better to simply keep quite, only thinking silently of Your Greatest merciful nature.

46. Emperumaanaar- Sri Ramanujacharya studied Thiruvaaymozhi of NammAzhwAr, which by its rish deep narration o Vedic truths, chased away and destroyed completely the other six religions, (that could survive only by a mere play of words and logic with no examples or proofs, pramaaNams and clarifications of their contradictions. What Sri Ramanuja did to me is this: Since I do not have the required jn~Anam nor the capacity to grasp the same, He simply resided in my heart as the means and the end for me to take refuge at His Lotus feet and be saved. I simply lost to His greatest KalyANa guNAs of such merciful Nature of YathirAjar, and hats off to him.

47. Emperumaanaar- Sri ramanujacharya declared that Sri RanganAthan- the reclining Lord of Srirangam on AdhisEshan- is the One praised by Vedas, One worshipped by everyone including even Nithya sooris and is also Our Lord. He showed the Lord to the world that was filled with adharmam (non virtuous). He simply destroyed my karmic diseases, that can not be overcome by praayacchitthams or experiencing various births (for the sins are so huge and great quantities). Not only did he do that to me, He also resided in my heart at all times in the day and in the night, without leaving me even for a fraction of second. There is NO PARALLEL or EQAUL to His mercy of residing in my heart. There is none EQUAL TO ME, who is blessed with this BhAgyam.

48. There can NOT be anyone who is so lowly of having the qualities that are not befitting to the Blissful soul and having the qualities of possessing a vibharItha (wrong) knowledge in abundance like me. Such unparalleled I (the aparaadha chakravartthi as claimed by Swami Desikan in daya sathakam), was considered by Sri Ramanujar, taking my such lowly qualities alone as the required qualification to save me. So merciful is He and His such compassionate nature alone is the shadow that can protect us form the scorching samsaaric afflictions. Since, there is none as bad as I am, it speaks even more of His greatness to save me even. Sri RamanujA! The One praised even by all those Bhagawathas who are blemishless and faultless! You are the swaroopa laabham for me; and the GuNa laabham for Devas; when such is the case, will we ever go away from you? Never.

49. Emperumaanaar- Sri Ramanujacharya, who enjoys placing his head at the Lotus Feet of Lord Sri RanganAthA (of Srirangam, filled with fertile fields, and beautiful ponds of Lotus flowers, where the Lord has His YoganithrA), appeared on this earth and do you know what all happened: The Dharmic way and Vedic lifestyle that were decaying started getting revived; the six religions that are against the Vedic principles and are full of flaws and bluffs- which propagate non vedic philospohy, were simply finished off; the cruel kali purushan who is the cause of all havoc in this world also was crushed. What a way the world is saved with His avtaar!

50. The greatness of the Lotus feet of Emperumaanaar- Sri Ramanujacharya (who is the embodiment of all kalyANa guNAs existing all over the world, who is the King, Chief among saints) is: They (the Lotus feet) reside in the hearts of Bhagawathas (who know that only Emperumaan Sriman Narayanan is the means as well as the end) like the rising bright sun; They walk in the hearts of those other non vedic religious people giving them fearsome spine chilling shivers from the roars of YathirAjar's Veda based arguments; They (the Lotus feet) adorn even this lowly self, who is the personification of all sins and is looked down by everyone, as an ornament. How great are They!

51. For the sake of PaaNdavaas, who held on to KaNNan as the only support for them, KaNNan drove the chariot in the battle field Himself in front of the enemy group of DuryOdhanaadhis; He showed Himself to PaaNdavaas (Arjunan) and also decided to finish the battle with an intent to destroy the Kauravaas completely. Emperumaanaar appeared as the insatiable nectar and BhOgyam for the Bhagawathas, who are deeply immersed in the most auspicious, limitless attributes of KaNNan. Such greatest Emperumanaar Sri Ramanujar has appeared in this world only to rule me; Actually thinking of it, there is not any other reason.

52. He saw to it that the non Vedic religions shiver with his roaring arguments and Vedic based philosophy. With his enormous fame and popularity that he had earned he covered the whole earth. He entered into me, on his own, out of his mercy, in spite of my never seeking for the same. He removed all my karmic diseases and joined me with the most beautiful Lotus Feet of Sri RanganAyaki samEtha Sri RanganAthA of Srirangam. My Master- Sri Ramanujacharya performed such wonders.

53. The most merciful Sri Ramanujacharya, who had come to my place searching for adiyEn, only to enslave me; who has got such a glorious nature of stooping down so low to my level (such a sowseelyam, because of which even the learned scholars fall in love with him); who has got such great nature of not seeing the defects or faults of others and moves with them in a fashion suitable and likeable to them., established the Greatest most important truth that the Paraman Sriya:Pathih Sriman Narayanan alone is the SeshI (Master) and all the worlds, the innumerable, countless AthmAs (beings) living in them are all sEshans (servants). Even when none sought or asked for this; still, YathirAjar mercifully established this truth for our benefit.

54. Because of Sri Ramanujacharya's such great nature of mixing with all irrespective of their lowly nature (like that of mine) with such sowseelya guNA, He had brought the world great things as follows: * Similar to the blooming of fresh Lotus flowers when the Sun rises, Vedic truths were established firmly and all other six non vedic religions were simply crushed. * Vedas that describe the greatness of SarvEshwaran and the manner in which the ArAdhana need to be performed to the Sarveshawran, were feelings happy and excited hearing the roars of Sri Ramanuja, against other religions. ("kaLippuRRathu is described by MaNavaaLa maamuni as Garvam kOndathu- Vedas felt proud). * The most sweetest, Thiruvaaymozhi, the Tamil Veda, sung by NammAzhwAr with great anubhavam and enjoyment grew greatly by Sri Ramanuja's campaigning and the whole world came to know of the greatness of Thiruvaaymozhi.

55. Emperumaanaar- Sri Ramanujacharya established the Vedic truths in his philosophy and thereby the innumerable great Vedic hymns survived in this world due to Sri Ramanuja's grace. He stands so victoriously, so beautifully, so gracefully and mercifully, that Bhagawathas, who serve the Lotus feet of Lord Sri RanganAthA- Sesha bhUthars of the Lord- who lose themselves to such greatest merciful nature / personality of his, and praise Sri Ramanuja wholeheartedly. They are the ones capable of ruling our kulam at all times.

56. Emperumaanaar - Sri Ramanujacharya praises devotedly Sri ParasurAmamuni, who had appeared to destroy the 21 generations of Kshathriya enemies with His sharp plough. He (Sri Ramanuja) has got the best quality to even correct the persons of lowly nature (like me) the dirty minds to become one pure hearts. Parama pAvanar; Having been blessed so and joined Sri Ramanuja Group, I shall never ever talk anything else except about Sri Ramanuja. My mind shall never ever think of anything else.

57. Uttham purushar- Srivaishnavas consider only serving the Beuatiful ParamabhOgya Lotus feet of Sri RanganAthan of Sri Rangam, and nothing else. They consdier only such like minded Bhagawathas as their relations and companions. They consider only SaraNAgathy tatvam (doctrine of surrender) as the only dharmam that needs to be followed. Emperumaanaar- Sri Ramanujacharya is praised wholeheartedly by such great Sri vaishnavas, for his greatest merciful nature and kalyANA guNAs. I am not so stupid and foolish to think that there is something else that I should have than what I am presently blessed with- the Bhagyam of having Sri Ramanuja with me. That foolishness shall not bloom in me. Not any more.

58. Other religions wrongly provide a distorted interpretation of Vedic statements. They think, understand wrongly and explain with some logic (taking one statement out of context, and ignoring another statement from sruthis) that Brahmam is JIvAthmA and jIvAthmA is Brahmam; mOksham is merging of jIvAthmA with SarvEshawaran; etc.. Such vociferous, disharmonious noises of wrong, misinterpretations and vibharItha jnAnams were completely silenced by the excellent arguments of Sri Ramanujacharya, quoting Vedas (declaring that jIvAthmA(chit) and the prakriti (achit) is also Nithyam and are eternal; They are eternally bonded to Brahamam with a SarIra SarIri bhAvam. Sriman NarAyaNA, the Lord of KalyAna guNas, is the sarIrI and all chit & achit are His sarIrA. Sriman Narayanan is the Master (sEshi) and all jIvAthmAs are sEshans (servants) and mOksham for jIvAthmA is having an uninterrupted Bhagavad anubhavam and performing eternal kainkaryam to the Lotus feet of Divya Dampati at SrivaikunTam, with great bliss). He stood victorious. It is his mercy on us for his such great upakaaram to us (and Vedas too!)

59. When the whole world, surrounded by oceans was engulfed by the darkness of Kalipurushan, Sri Ramanuja appeared and with the shining light of praamaaNams (proofs) from four Vedas, dispelled the darkness immediately. Had he not done that, the world would not have known the truth (of Sarva sEshithvam of Sriman Narayanan for all jIvAthmAs).

60. Emperumaanaar- Sri Ramanujacharya- the One who shines with great KalyANA guNAs, who preaches the Athma guNAs to everyone with no bias/partiality, (such a udhaara seelar is he), who is the Chief of our Srivaishnava kulam, - enters the following places with great happiness and joy: * where there is a congregation of Scholars or jn~Anis of Srivaishnavam; * where there is a recitation of Thiruvaaymozhi takes place; and * where the SavEshwaran Sriya:Pathi Sriman Narayanan, out of His own and free will, stays permanently (along with Periya PiraaTTi Sri MahAlakshmi residing in His Beautiful Chest forever ) in the archAvathaaram in Sri Vaishnava Divya dEsams

61. Emperumaanaar- Sri Ramanujacharya shines so gracefully that those Bhagawathas, (who always think that Emperumaan Sriman Narayanan alone is everything to them) come to him, take refuge at his Lotus feet and pay obeisance to him. But, Sri Ramanuja, the most merciful One came to me, (the lowly self, who was deeply immersed in the cruel karma bhandhams, and in the world of tremendous sorrows and samsaaric afflictions) and enslaved me. What a KaaruNyam! Not just that. He has gone searching for others (like me) if any one else is left out for being saved. Thus, the whole earth is awe struck with his greatest dayA on humanity.

62. Our Master- Sri Ramanujacharya's Lotus feet give us great happiness, (Anandham), great bhOgyam, and are of Parama Poojyam. I am fortunate to have been blessed to hold the feet of Parama Bhagawatha Sri Vaishnavas who are equal to Nithyasooris of SrivaikunTam, and who do not at all have their regards to those who do not desire for Sri Ramanujacharya's Lotus feet. Hence, I stand fearless and have no sorrows /grievances. (since, there are no karma vaasanaas anymore!)

63. The religions that have been filled with dirt and rots have been taken up by those who are now being chased away with thundering logic and Vedic proof by Sri Ramanuja. He is here in this world to preach and advise against such pitfalls. He wanders everywhere looking for people and act accordingly to let them comprehend his philosophy; Such Great Most compassionate RamanujA! The One with unlimited jnAnam! Please bless me with the mentality and strength to enable me to hold and follw Your Glorious Lotus Feet at all times!

64. Our own possession- Sri Ramanujar is like a huge male elephant; He shines so brightly and gracefully, with beaming Anandham (bliss) of having enjoyed the Tamil Veda Sri Sadagopar's Thiruvaaymozhi. He holds the Divine holy TridhaNdam in his hand. Oh Logicians! All of you can not even stand against Sri Ramanuja. He stands so toweringly pushing you all to the sides with his authoritative authenticated arguments. With the chain of sishyas and their sishyas linked to Sri Ramanuja, you have no chance to survive your wealth. The world will now prosper.

65. The good things that have happened to us (due to our Nathan- Master- Sri Ramanuja's grace and due to the jnAnam that He blessed on us gracefully) are: The grass that had grown like great bushes around the paddy fields (other religions that have outgrown the Vedic truths and covered for so many years) are now completely removed and destroyed; The fields now have grown even better and look graceful. The grief of Vedic brahmins have gone; The Earth is now blessed really; All doubts on saashtrAs have been cleared; This is the glory of jnAnam that Sri Ramanuja blessed us with.

66. The manner in which Sriya: Pathi Sriman Narayanan grants mOksham is: When jnAnam blooms, develops and matures into Bhakti and desire / prEmam on the Lord, and when one gets an urgent intense desire (tvarai) to see and enjoy the lord and laments every second and every moment as to when he is going to obtain the blissful kaimkaryam at the Feet of the Lord with great satisfaction and devotion; when such a situation arises in him, Sri Ramanujacharya ( - The King among saints - the One who gracefully removed the ills from this lowly self- adiyEn's heart ) blesses us him, the Bhagyam of holding the Lotus Feet of his (Sri Ramnuja's) and thereby grants them his krupai (grace) as the first dividend and mercy to enable him to be granted mOksham by Sriya: Pathi Sriman Narayanan

67. For the sake of Yudhishtirar -Dharma puthrar- The one whose concern was to serve Emperumaan alone and surrendered to Him, SavEshwaran performed most wonderful acts and deeds during KuruskshEthra battle and destroyed excellently the 100 Kauravaas, the personification of ahamkarams. Emperumaanaar Sri Ramanujacharya blesses us saying these bodies of ours and AthA are for Him and t is our duty only for performing eternal service to Emperumaan- Sriya:Pathi Sriman Narayanan, and nothing else. And had he not advised us (those who were running amuck after other things materialistic) with such a grace, what would have happened to us? Who could have saved our AthmA? (None else)

68. When Arjunan, during the MahAbharatha battle, was confused and confounded as to what he needs to do, to fight or not to fight, he placed his bow down and requested the Lord to advise him. Sri KrishnA blessed him (and us) with the glorious Divine GitA and Sri Ramanujacharya blessed us in a much more simple terms the essence of GitA in order to enable us understand clearly the rich esoteric meanings of GitOpadEsam of Sri krishNA. My mind and AthmA long and desire for KalyAna GunAs of those Bhagawthas who hold on to such broad minded, merciful Sri Ramanujacharya.

69. SarvEshwaran Sriya:Pathi Sriman Naryanan, out of His own grace and upakaaram, blesses us (the dormat ones) before the creation, with the requisites (karaNa~ngaL) to become the living souls. But He did not grant us the "saraNa~ngaL" the Lotus feet. But My Father- Sri Ramanujacharya, Emperumaanaar- in order to save me from this samsaara saagaram- the Great PraLayam- blessed me today and showed me with the Lotus feet of his (Sri Ramanuja's) as the means. What an upakaaram!

70. Oh EmperumaanaarE! Sri RamanujA! For time immemorial, I, the lowly self, had been immersing myself in sensual pleasures and carnal desires; After you have accepted me, I, who was intertwined with all my karma vaasanaas, bondage, was blessed with Your graceful kataaksham. You saw me and You saw my lowly nature too. You have still gracefully considered me as a worthy object for redemption. Is there anything I repeat- any thing good in me for you to take that as a cue for Your mercy? And still You have showered your dayA on me? What a dayA! Is there any benefit for you in Your mercy on me? (None) and still You have blessed m with Your grace. What a grace! If you look only for some thing good for one to surrender at Your Feet, who is qualified to do so? None. (Not at least me). And still you have enabled me to surrender to You. How and what can one see Your such limitless, unbounded grace? (an excellent pAsuram! This only is my capacity to translate! I advise the readers to read the pAsuram please)

71. Oh EmperumaanaarE! Sri RamanujA! The One who does not see the lowly level of the recipient (of Your grace) and does not realise the greatness of granting Your such grace on him! My fickle mind that was so unsteady and vacillating, has now got stuck to the shadow of Your Most Blissful Lotus Feet; My love for those Divine Lotus feet has grown to the greatest extent. My such action has arisen due to the Greatest merciful guNA of Yours and hence, has grown tremendously and immersed itself in praising Your such guNAs only. The apacharams I had committed unknowingly and the ones that I have committed knowingly even which have grown and accumulated as huge mountains over the ages have all now vanished completely; Hence, there is no grievance for me.

72. Due to His grace, Sri Ramanujacharya did the following: He completely conquered those who immersed themselves in non vedic arguments and religions and confused the world; He blessed, conducted and performed the most truthful Vedic way of Life. Such Greatest Ramanuja, has placed this lowly self- me- among those great scholars and Srivaishnava Bhagawathas,(who took refuge at his Lotus feet out of great bhatkti towards him and praised him ) in such a way indicating "he is also one among them". What a mercy1 What a dayA! What a grace! (adadaaaa..)

73. Without seeing the greatness of what He teaches us, and our qualification for receiving it (and considering only what great it is going to do to us), He teaches us the esoteric, essence of all saasthrAs in simple terms. He is so merciful. H can not stand to watch us going down the trench of samsaara saagaram and waste our precious sri vaishnava births (lives). He showers coolness to the scorching heat of samsaaram like the cool moon rays. He blesses even those (who are not bothered with the realisation of Brahman and jnAnam) and teaches them true jnAnam about Self and Sarva sEshathvam of Self to the Lord. Hence, there is no other thought for me (that befits me) except the thought of Ramanujacharya, who is so merciful and who has got such gracious mind to save everyone in this world.

74. Emperumaan- SarvEshawran- is the One who destroys those cruel wrong doers, who can not understand and talk ill of the apaurushEya (that which has no birth) , the ever permanent, Vedas and their philosophy / tatvams, with His strongest chakrA. While Sri Ramanujacharya, the most merciful One, conquers the non vedic and wrong philosophers (of other religions) in his own Most graceful manner. (So Sri Ramanujacharya excels even Emperumaan!)

75. Even if ThiruvaranganAthan - Lord Sri RanganAtha of Srirangam, appears in front of me, shows Himself His full beauty with all Divya Ayudhams in His resplendent Hands, and vows " I shall never ever leave you", Oh Sri RamanujA! Even then, the greatness of Your kalyANA guNAs surround me, drag and engulf me and I am caught immersing myself in them and praising them only.

76. Oh Sri RamanujA! The ever famous, ever divine, most popular, the lovely, fertile, endearing to all, ThirumalA mountain (Where Lord ThiruvEmkatamudaiyaan stays permanently), the Most Divine Sri vaikuNTam, The Milky Ocean (ThiruppaaRkadal) where the Lord is having His Yoga nithrA, with an only thinking of protecting the universe, - in as much as these Divya Desams give you an exquisite unlimited pErAnandham (great happiness), the same amount of bliss comes to me from dEvarIr's (your) Lotus feet which are Parama bhOgyam to me. Hence, Please bless me with those Lotus Feet always.

77. Sri Ramanujacharya- Emperumaanaar -He has blessed me with such grace and dayA that He had not blessed anyone with so far. The other religions that interpreted the Vedas so wrongly and distortedly that the Vedic truths were simply hidden among there false and wrong arguments. Sri Ramanujar, making use of only Vedic statements, argued and chased away those non Vedic religions. He stood so victoriously on this earth, with his glory spreading the whole earth. He chased away all my karmas. What else does He have in His ThiruvuLLam (mind) now for the benefit of the world? (means: is there anything else to do?)

78. Emperumaanaar- Sri Ramanujacharya- after seeing my lowly nature, decided toenter into my heart. There, like a resident first cleans the place of residence first, YathirAjar removed the dirt from my heart. He had such a great greed for correcting me (means: It is impossible. And still he wanted to correct me and tried), that none would have dared. If I come to know of your intentions, I may obstruct and escape from your endeavours, and hence, knowing fully well of that, you have clandestinely operated from within and changed me completely to become the servant /bhakthA of Sri Vallabhan, Sriya: Pathi Sriman Narayanan.. What a dayA on me, Sri RamanujA! Due to Your Parama krupA, EmperumaanaarE! Any other wrong thoughts contradicting to what dEvarIr has taught me, will never ever hereafter enter into my mind.

79. Emperumaanaar shines so victoriously conquering and chasing away all those non vedic wrong religions that had distorted Vedic statements with wrong and misinterpretations. He established the Vedic truths on this earth firmly. When he stands awaiting who is coming to learn the Truthful Knowledge based on Vedas and his VisishtAdvaita philosophy, the people are under the wrong notion that "he is also a human being like us, what is the big deal?" and does not hold on to his feet. On the other hand, they lament foolishly "which Lord is going to save me from this world?". Alas! What a pity!

80. I, shall always serve, wholeheartedly and uninterruptedly, with no gap, at all times, under all circumstances, with my words, with my actions and with my thoughts, in all situations, those Bhagawathas who always think of the graceful nature of dearest Srivaishnava Bhagawathas who have desired to praise and utter the glorious divine names of Sri Ramanuja at all times.

81. I, who had never thought of service to the Bhagawathas (who always serve your Lotus feet and not think of any other matter), was correctly transformed and advised by DeavarIr due to Your grace that "I am the servant of them only; and None else;" And it is Sri RanganAthan's nature to enable and let His devotees join the group of Srivaishnavas (like He has blessed me join this bhakti list); His Lotus Feet are only for Bhagawthas to desire for taking refuge with and serving the same. Such Greatest Lord's ThirumEni is dark hued colour; and DevarIr (Your) Lotus feet are opposite to that and are of reddish Lotus Like fair complexioned colour. You have blessed me with a constant uninterrupted thought on Your Lotus feet only! Oh RamanujA! There is NO PARALLEL FOR YOU and YOUR GRACE!

82. I,-who was deeply engrossed in the crue karma vaasanaas, who had not even an iota of jnAnam, who was never steady in a particular thing and was having a vacillating mind, - was gently corrected by Emperumaanaar Sri Ramanuja. What did to me is: Within a fraction of a second, He made me a great recipient and listener of His Esoteric Truths and He stood victoriously on the earth. Thus, the literate, scholars, Sri Vaishnavas, illiterate, and people from all walks of life approach Him and praise Him for His such Greatest most auspicious attributes. He possesses such Great kalyANa guNAs. He is like the rainy dark clouds that rain everywhere without any partiality; He showers His grace to one and all!

83. I have never had any semblance of desire for Parama Purushaartham mOkshAnubhavam, without seeking the AthmAnubhavam (or Kaivalyam); I never had any prEmam / Bhakti; I have never had a realisation of my inability to perform Bhatki Yoga; I never had realised that I have no other means to surrender and have performed Prapaatti to become a prapannan; I have never been a member of the Prapanna group. Oh RamanujA! I will attain the mOksham of two lotus feet of Yours. How? It is only due to Your limitless unbounded grace that showers on those who surrender to Your Lotus feet. Do I need to tell You that? You Yourself know.

84. Now I have seen my Ramanuja; what a great sight it is! That makes me desire and seek to serve the golden feet of Bhagawathas - his devotees. And here, today I from the midst of all Bhagawathas take just a sip from this ocean of auspicious qualities of YathirAjA and all my past karmaas are destroyed. Alas! There is no end if I start to say more.

85. There is nothing else for my AthmA to hold on to, except the Feet of those Bhagawathas who have the nature of praising and paying obeisance to Emperumaanaar Sri Ramanujacharya, who dispelled the aj~nAnam of all who were wandering aimlessly, following and serving for other trivial materialistic benefits without realising that the SarvEshawran Lord Sriman Narayanan, the Veda Purushan, is the Chief, as proclaimed in no ambiguities by the Vedas that they learn.

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